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MD8 Ultra Smart Watch

Brand: Dragon Gizmos Category: SKU: BOT-WATCH-003


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  • Cutting-edge features
  • 2.02-inch high-definition screen
  • Bluetooth call
  • Voice assistant
  • Stylish snap-on design/li>


MD8 Ultra Smart Watch – Cutting-edge features, 2.02-inch high-definition screen, Bluetooth call, voice assistant, and stylish snap-on design.


  • Advanced Technology: The MD8 Ultra Smart Watch offers smart features such as a Smart Split Screen Display, customizable screen-off time, and a 3D dynamic dial for a
    dynamic user experience.
  • Language Convenience: Easily switch the language of the wristband by scanning the QR code, ensuring accessibility for users worldwide.
  • Seamless Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity: Stay connected with ease through Bluetooth 5.0, ensuring fast and stable connections to your compatible devices.
  • Customizable Components: Tailor the smartwatch to your needs with custom component pressure, voice calls, password lock screen, real-time weather updates, and a built-in pedometer for fitness tracking.
  • Compatibility: Compatible with Android 5.0+ and iOS 10.0+ devices.
  • High-Performance Chipset: Powered by the Hs6621PG main control chip, featuring 128MB of bracelet memory, AB5376A2 for Bluetooth calls, and Bluetooth version 5.2 for fast and reliable connectivity.
  • Heart Rate Monitoring: Equipped with the SC7R30 heart rate chip for accurate and real-time heart rate monitoring.
  • Vivid Display: Enjoy a stunning 2.02-inch square screen with a high-resolution TFT display (240*296), providing clear visibility even in direct sunlight.
  • Long Battery Life: With a 280mAh battery capacity, the MD8 offers an impressive standby time of 30 days and 4-5 days of continuous use.
  • Voice Assistant: Access various applications conveniently with an AI voice assistant, making daily operations effortless.
  • Snap-On Design: The portable snap-on design allows for quick strap removal and secure buckling, ensuring ease of use.
  • High-Definition Screen: Featuring a market-leading 2.02-inch high-definition screen with a resolution of 320*380, delivering remarkable clarity and readability, even in bright conditions.

The MD8 Ultra Smart Watch combines innovative technology with a stylish design, making it a versatile and functional accessory for modern lifestyles.


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